He was the first to come; Blue Man the media dubbed him.  He just walked calmly onto the warm tourist-filled sand of a popular Gold Coast beach… ocean water ran off his sleek blue body, finely trimmed torso glistening in the morning sun.

And he was merely the forerunner… more and more Aqua people arrived on beaches the world over, but he was the first.

Turq, his true name was, a diplomat sent on a mission  of mercy… the  Land Dwellers must stop polluting the water ways or Turq’s people… the whole race of Aquaria in fact, would face a death sentence.

Lengthy world-wide negotiations were set into play; The Aquaria’s did not have time for lengthy long-winded discussions, already their people died of toxic poisoning.

At the detriment of his health, Turq attended every meeting pleading his case with president after president, ministry upon ministry.

The Land Dwellers begged their leaders to reach a swift resolution… to no avail. So the citizens began to march and strike…  Internet campaigns were started and famous singers gave free concerts to raise funds for the Save the Aquarius crusades.

The people of Earth worked tirelessly… they worked together regardless of age and race and personal beliefs.

In Europe hospital staff stopped work in protest; each staff sat down by a patient and refused to move until their superiors agreed to openly support the cause.

In the United Kingdom 60,000 people camped outside the Queens residence; construction crews for 200 miles around stopped work to put up make shift amenities and local shops set up free food venders.

In the USA both MacDonald’s and Starbucks closed their doors and universities collaborated on how best to solve the issues at hand. Many factories, knowing how their waste was disposed, closed down voluntarily.

Australian school teachers refused to teach in classrooms and renounced the current teaching system… and knowing a billion children can’t miss school, they took the students to parks and beaches, focusing education on peace and acceptance and sharing and global responsibility.

MacDonald’s followed Americas lead, closing down as well; a supermarket conglomerate began to overhaul their nationwide enterprise to one of minimal impact on the environment and marine biologist worked tirelessly on alternative strategies.


The world over Land Dwellers stood up and made a stand… we will not go unheard was their mantra.

Five years passed while Turq pleaded the cause of his people; he grew weaker and weary and many 100’s of his people died.

But the people of Earth did not back down, support for Turq and his people was too strong… too widespread. And in the end World governments agreed to a complete restructure of the manufacturing industry. All Companies breaking the new guidelines for disposal were closed down; a new zero-tolerance policy was implemented across the board.

Impact studies showed vast improvements in the quality of all water ways, fresh and ocean. Turq and the Land Dwellers had won.

But for the people of Earth, their job was far from complete. A precedent had been set… and they would be heard.




STILL LIFE (A Moment Lost in Daydreams)

STILL LIFE (A Moment Lost in Daydreams)

When her husband was still alive it was he who had control of the remote for the television and video. Endless hours of car chases and kick boxing heroes in torn singlets. Captain T. Kirk and the unwavering Mr. Spock. Late night flickering’s warping shadows on time-scarred walls, their naked bodies exploring territories already loved and well known. Rainy Sunday afternoons filled with toasted sandwiches and Disney movies.

With his passing, and her subsequent withdrawal from the outside world, control of the remote fell entirely to the children. This unexpected responsibility was seized with much arguing and squabbling in shrill childish tones and indignant demands for equal TV time. Beverly Hills 90210 nudging Home Improvements, Mulligrubs fighting viciously with Humphrey B. Bear. When the children finally trudged heavy footed to bed the eldest would run through the channels for a program that might interest her, turning the volume down and the lights out, before kissing her good-night. Then she would sit in the shifting shadows, images superimposed on time- stained walls, replays of other nights when she was not so empty and alone.

Life went on in this form of numbed existence until time traveled to such a rainy Sunday that she use to treasure. Toasted sandwiches and Disney movies.
As the young woman busied herself in the kitchen with a pot of soup and hot buttered toast, she entertained a fleeting hope that perhaps life could regain a sense of equilibrium after all. Her pleasant daydreaming was brought to an abruptly shattering explosion by the raised barbs of her children’s voices.
“Press pause!”
“You won’t miss much “
“Press pause “
” Just go to the toilet “
” Press Pause Now!”
The woman sagged noticeably at the onset of the argument. At that precise moment, when she was limp with disappointment and fatigue, the soup bubbled and popped like a witches brew and the toaster spewed rancid smoke from yet another piece of toast that refused to pop, the words “press pause” bounced around in her throbbing head like hyperactive ping pong balls.

The woman appeared in the doorway, not laden with a tray of steaming soup and hot buttered toast, but rather pale and shaking, back dropped by a pall of gray smoke. She reached back into the kitchen switching the toaster off at the wall before striding into the lounge room to snatch the remote control with a sudden jerk of her wrist.
” I wish I could pause you lot for a while” she hissed, waving the remote around in chaotic circles that encompassed the entire room.

At first she only noticed that the rain appeared heavier, noisier; a soothing lullaby that eased her racing heart a little. Then she realized the video had paused with Benji and a wild bobcat suspended over a high ravine. An eerie silence descended all around her. A total absence of sound, except the steady drumming of rain on the red tin roof. No wind whipping at the dripping trees, no swish, swoosh, swish of cars on the slippery road out the front. She looked at her children, sitting in the untidy rainy day clutter of pillows and rugs, glassy-eyed, silent, paused.

One by one she studied the inert blanket wrapped bundles that were her quarrelsome, energetic children. They seemed so peaceful. The rare hushed tranquility that now enveloped her home filled her with a cool, rational detachment. The back veranda was so peaceful on rainy afternoons, plants glistened with a fine mist of rain- spray and the grass developed more depth of character with an offbeat pattern of greens. The sky cloaked itself in a nonchalant gray that narrowed the world to her own secluded little veranda. The young widow stretched her legs, sighing quietly over a mug of steaming coffee, the Sunday paper sat abandoned on the rickety cane table that groaned in protest at the lush jungle of potted ferns it supported.

She glanced at the clock, twisting around to peer through the window at the persistent hands that ticked away time on the lounge room’s family scarred wall. She gazed at the still-life forms of her children, slumped in sleepy lumps, with rainy day pillows and rugs creating swatches of color in the semi darkness. I’ll just finish my coffee, she thought, a small smile touching her lips.

In her lap, idle hands turned over a flat black box.
The remote had a new controller now.

Sharonlee © 1995





Diary of a Conspiracy Theory Addict


Diary of a Conspiracy Theory Addict

By Sharonlee



Had to ask the boss for time off today for a doctors appointment; he was unsympathetic and heartless but had to agree. A bit more compassion wouldn’t go astray… it’s not my fault I’ve had 11 days off in the last three months… Bloody government… I just know their behind this mysterious illness of mine; doctors don’t believe me…but I know the government is piping some form of gas into my unit… I just don’t know why… if I knew that then maybe I could figure out what department is behind this unwarranted chemical attack on me. Foul odors leak into my unit through the walls and doors, strange humming noises wake me at night, at times the unit fills with a stuffy heat that saps my energy…I don’t know what’s going on…but I do know who is responsible…


My life has been fairly uneventful, so why is the bloody government so interested in me; I tend to mind my own business… am not known to be terribly outspoken or fanatical /extremist / paranoid…there was that paper I wrote in Uni… that boorish fascist professor was unimpressed with my theory on the alien mind invasion that happened in the 60’s… How hard is to see that every government head and political bigwig in the world has been taken over by the powerful mind techniques of an alien race? Still… hardly important enough to merit this prolonged gassing of my personal space. I suppose they (the government) know I protested for global peace and against military involvement in other countries… they know everything. Probably know I occasionally indulge in a bit of pot and hooked up with that prostitute for my thirtieth. Hate that bloody word… that’s the narrow-minded doctrinaire mindset of those in power… anything they don’t approve of they sully with ugly labels.


The trip to the doctors was unproductive…said I had an iron deficiency…eat more red meat he said…moron… as if I’m going to put that toxic crap in my body… it’s the government of course… forcing farmers to feed the cows chemically enhanced fodder…

Full of genetically modified substances that induce a false sense of well being… they want us fat and placid and compliant…I’d rather eat the flea bitten pigeons in the park or the feral rats that populate the alleyways and sewage pipes. Although this bloke I know, Deaken, reckons scientists caught a heap of sewer rats… injected them with a range of substances and obscure diseases and reintroduced them into the general rat population…so I’d stay away from rats too… this bloke reckons he spent a month living with the bums and street people and saw some pretty weird stuff… skin lesions… grotesque abscesses… oozing eyes…bloody emissions from coughing… This bloke reckons there’s a whole subculture of people that have implants in their brains who live in an old warehouse …these people say that the government tried to use them to spy on the companies they worked for… so they hide out in this old warehouse and rarely leave… Makes me think perhaps the doctors put something in me when I got my appendix out…maybe that’s why my gut hurts all the time…I eat brown rice and vegetables, although just lately the vegetables have been tasting bitter…like the damn things are full of mind altering substances or growth hormones and other chemicals… I might have to cut them from my diet…I started boiling all my water too… can’t be too careful these days… the government has total control of everything we ingest. 





Can you believe it?  I won a bloody car… don’t remember ever going in any competition to win a car… do they really think I’d fall for that crap… has a global tracking device and more buttons than one car needs… so I sold it to this fellow at work… if the bloody government think they can keep track of me that way then they are bigger fools than I thought. It was nice car though…





So… the government finally got to the boss… I’m suppose to finish out the week and then that’s it for me… to hell with them… I’m not going in tomorrow… why bother… they think they can break my spirit… wanted me to have a psyche test… who do they think their dealing with…  they know I’m on the right track…I know that new guy in the unit next to mine is one of them… a chemical weapons researcher, of that I’m sure…strange soundless vibrations pulse through the walls that separate our units… but it only starts up when he leaves…and stops when he comes back…some sort of ultrasonic/ electromagnetic contraption… their trying to drive me insane…I think their piping small doses of radiation through the venting system… so I sealed the vents with thick black plastic… and bought a box of surgical facemasks to use until I’ve decontaminated my space…I can’t use the phone any more…every time I pick it up I hear strange sounds…like breathing and soft humming… their trying to cut me off from every one I know… had the internet disconnected… spying bastards… I know they are prying into my personal files…accessing my journal entries… several times I’ve noticed files have been opened…probably copied… threw the mobile phone out the window last night and saw some guy across the street watching me with binoculars…had to board up the window… 




Went to buy my organic rice from the health shop…but it had closed down…wonder what happen to the nice hippy woman who owned it…I go in once a week…she never said anything about closing up shop… bloody suspicious if you ask me…my friend Deaken who lived with the homeless blokes turned up around midnight…said his place was under surveillance…he walked the streets for five hours before he gave them the slip…he woke up this morning feeling nauseous… he agrees that some toxic substance is contaminating my unit…refused to stay…can’t blame him really…still…it was nice to have sane rational company for a change… Deaken brought me up to speed with the stuff he’s been working on… monitoring the sewer rats and documenting the physical and mental changes since the research lab set them free…he has pages and pages full of notes…he really is dedicated to his beliefs…he’s a good bloke…he knows what’s going on…




Since I haven’t been to work for a few days I’ve noticed I’ve become sicker…stomach hurts… feel nauseous and disorientated…light headed… went to my mothers for tea last night…she grows most of her own food…but I didn’t eat the meat…had good nights sleep…strange symptoms went away until I came home again…the unit smelt odd…almost familiar, sorta like rotting flesh but couldn’t quite put my finger on it… don’t know how much longer I can stand this…  noticed a lot of people seem to be missing…Mr. Butcher sits on the steps at the front of the building every morning at seven o’clock…smokes his pipe…chats to the people that come and go…but I haven’t seen him in a week…haven’t seen the regulars that pass by and normally stop …Mr. Grant who works at the library always stops to chat with old man Butcher and the spinster sisters Adel and Adelaide who always ask after his good wife Gracie and give him flowers for her from their window box, even though Gracie died last year… but the street doesn’t seem  empty… a couple of old blokes who I’ve never seen before now sit on Mr. Butchers step…they argue loudly about cars and sport and tell bad jokes that only they laugh at… a pie van parks at the curb a lot…the smell of fresh hot meat pies drives me insane…the pie seller talks to the old blokes on the steps…the spinsters never pass by anymore but I’ve noticed that a blind woman with a dog and cane often stops at the pie van and takes a long time to choose two pies…she talks to the pie seller for a long time then she sits across the road at the bus stop…eats one pie and feeds the other to the dog…she copes with her disability rather well…which makes me think behind those dark glasses she’s not blind at all… government spy…that’s what she is…the pie man too…probably even the old blokes on the step…I wonder about old man Butcher…hope its not my fault he disappeared…just like the government to torture a harmless old guy…


Saturday: this place is starting to get me down…woke up feeling ill…sore throat…fever…dry lips…lay in bed for hours unable to move…noticed something while I lay there wracked with pain…the posters on the wall have all started to curl up…the photos on the notice board have curled up too, some newspaper clippings I had taped to the wall fell off completely…curious no? I crawled to the clippings scattered on the floor and saw the tape had lost all its stickiness…like some intense heat had dried it out…and the clippings seemed to have prematurely aged to a brittle yellow… instead of going back to bed I crawled to the lounge room…it seemed cooler there and the air was fresher…so I shut the bedroom door and covered it in black plastic…I started to feel a bit better after that… I slept most of the day…felt really tired and dehydrated …got up about eleven thirty… outside the night seemed cool and reasonably quiet…I slipped out for a while…found a Mum and Pop style dinner and had some vegetable soup…mum and pop ran the dinner by themselves and lived above the shop…they seemed like good wholesome people…the type that went to ballet recitals and band practice and watched proudly from the sidelines as junior scored a goal…but you never know who you can trust these days…   



Had a real revelation this morning…had to get out of the noxious atmosphere that pervades my unit… went to the park for some fresh air… on the way I caught someone’s reflection in the shop windows…looked like they were dogging my steps…freaky looking dude with lots of untamed hair and a scruffy beard…when I stopped to confront him he looked at me with a dark wild eyed stare…freaked me right out until I realized it was my reflection in the shop window… that toxic shit ‘their’ pumping into my unit is really doing a number on me…I’m losing it, man…really losing it…that’s it then…I can’t do this any more… the government has covertly infiltrated every aspect of my life… heard the warehouse people just finished putting a lead lining on the roof of their warehouse… I hope they have room for one more victim of government conspiracy… 




Postscript: have been with the warehouse mob a few weeks…they did a detox on me …now I feel pretty good…not bad people …excellent place to hide out in…some go out into the real world…not me, no way man…I like it here…this is my world…my people… read the newspaper …enough madness and mayhem in there to turn anyone into a recluse…read this report on some whacked out dude who killed all his neighbors and kept them in his apartment…had them tied to chairs in the dining room…set up like they were having a dinner party… this guy had really lost it…he boarded up the windows and covered air vents with black plastic …undercover police were investigating the disappearance of two old sisters and an elderly widower…but in the end it was the smell that lead them to the discovery of the gruesome dinner party guests…  report says the man aged between 25-30 has yet to be apprehended…could be anyone… the world’s just not a safe place to live anymore… 













Sharonlee © 2006


How Adam Met Eve-A New World is Born


 How Adam Met Eve (A New World is Born)




How Adam Met Eve (A New World is Born)                                                                                                                                     940 words


Adam met Eve amidst the rubble of the world… echoes sat heavy where the ruins lay thickest, or silenced altogether and yet he heard singing… clear and dulcet, trembling a little with fear or weariness or age… he could not tell. Perhaps he was finally going mad.

He followed the sound of the voice down a wreckage-blocked road, buildings crushed and crumbling, shattered glass, all manner of debris hindered his progress. At every cluttered corner the beautiful singing led him around and onwards, until he realized he had trudged around an entire block and almost back to his starting point.

I am going mad, Adam thought wearily, sitting down heavily on a wide slab of cracked concrete.  It had to happen. No man can live without company all these years… no man is island… the strain of being the last of my kind is just too much to bear…. Little did he realize he not only thought these thoughts, but spoke them aloud.

As he sat there the singing grew louder, closer, and Adam thought he heard a hint of crazy creep into the voice. Standing on the concrete block Adam called out into the empty world, who goes there! Show yourself!

Silence, even the singing stopped and Adam immediately regretted breaking whatever spell or trick of wind that had created the lovely sound… any human sound would have been a wondrous sound at this point.

I’m sorry, Adam yelled, a hint of crazy now creeping into his own voice, don’t stop singing… please don’t stop!


Well make up your mind old man, a voice amidst the rubble startled Adam, so much so he almost lost his footing and fell.

Come down from there, before you break your foolish neck.


This time Adam pinpointed the sound of the voice, a broken and soiled shop mannequin in the ruins of a ransacked Myers window.  He sighed heavily, so I am going mad, he told the mannequin, it was only a matter of time.


Well if you’re going mad you can just steer clear of me you old fool. Just my luck, only person I meet in 5 years and mad as a hatter. And conceited enough to believe he’s the only human alive. Pah! Not wasting my time on the likes of you!


Wait! Adam searched the shadows until he found the true source of the voice – a middle aged woman with long grey plaits, dungarees and Bob Marley T-shirt.

I thought I was going made, he told her lamely.


You probably are… we both are… what choice do we have, said the woman smiling crookedly… now come down from there and join me in  a cup of tea.


That is how Adam met Eve



The two spent several hours talking… broke out rations and shared a meal… talked some more. They discussed the likelihood of the fabled Shangri-la actually existing … both claimed to know where it was located, soon realizing that they did indeed talk of the same area.

They decided then to find this place of idyllic waterfalls, lush plant life and unspoiled beauty; it would be their very own Eden, their home, their last resting place.


Four years the two traveled; they wandered silent highways, now graveyards to cancerous vehicles … they trekked inland past abandoned suburbs and isolated farms… faded echoes haunted them… windblown streets and hollowed buildings…. they slowly, laboriously, climbed mountains, descending into verdant valleys.


Finally they reached the place that both believed to be the legendary Shangri-la … and truly the valley was one of unmatched enchantment and magic.


Adam fashioned a serviceable hut to live in… Eve planted the seeds she had been collecting and carrying for nigh on 10 years; years passed and Adam & Eve not only survived but seemed to flourish.


One night as the pair sat beneath a crescent moon Eve noticed Adam staring at her in an odd manner.

How long have we been here? He asked suddenly.


I have no idea, Eve replied, time ceased to have meaning many moons ago, before I even met you.


Adam looked at Eve closely… he scrutinized her face and hands and the straightness of her posture.

Do you remember when we first arrived here? He enquired, and how I couldn’t climb that peak where the nut tree grows?


Eve nodded


Well, I can climb it now…. I feel fitter and stronger and younger… and you, my dear, look younger too. You look positively radiant.


Oh pishposh, Eve laughed, that’s not possible.


So you’re saying you don’t feel younger, that I’m imaging that spring in your step… imaging your flawless skin? Adamraised his eyebrows questioningly… you haven’t noticed more bounce in me?

Well, to be honest, yes, agreed Eve, I have and it’s been troubling me.

I shouldn’t be troubled if I were you, Adam laughed, it’s a marvelous thing… we are getting younger!

But what if we continue to get younger? What happens if we end up as babes? Eve demanded.

We were going to die anyway, Adam reminded her, this way we live another lifetime… getting stronger and more vibrant as each year passes.

I’m frightened, admitted Eve… more frightened then I was when the world ended.

I’ll be at your side, Adam assured her… besides, the world didn’t end… the world is still here… civilization ended… war and disease and hunger ended.

We found this verdant Eden… WE are the new Adam and Eve. We planted vegetables and fruit trees, we created a food source… and we can create a new civilization.


 The End – Or was it?


Story & Art By Sharonlee


Orbitus Rising





Orbitus Rising




“Catch, and tell me this is real!”


Effie Terento (ET to her friends) only just had time to catch the flying object, narrowly deflecting it away from a dusty green lamp; she was scouring the bowels of the Stellar Démodé antique shop with her friend Gyro. Both were obsessed with Steampunk Art and used antiquated objects as material for their projects.

The object Effie skillfully caught was far from being useful in either of their current metal sculptures; it was however a rather unusual  bracelet, burnished copper & brass plaited around each other in the form of vines… delicate leaves sprouted from the vine, etched with intricate lady beetles & other insects… each one with tiny jewels as bright glowing, eyes.

Effie was mesmerized… so much so she didn’t here Gyro speaking to her… Earth to Planet Shamola… Earth to Planet Shamola… gawd ET, hallo hAllO…

 Stop being a pill ya cyberpunk, Effie snapped back to reality… slightly disoriented… she looked around…  realizing, remembering, that she was in the Stellar Démodé… but, a minute earlier she could  have sworn she was somewhere else altogether different.

Well, what is it exactly? Gyro asked impatiently, he had found a beat up old grandfather clock and was keen to get it back to the warehouse they rented… I have clock to dismantle he added.

It’s just a pretty trinket; Effie mumbled trying to deflect his interest.

Aww I don’t know… looks kinda unique… he trailed off.

Well it is unusual Effie agreed, I might buy it.



Back at the spacious warehouse the 2 friends each made for their corners where benches and beds, books and boxes and 2 makeshift kitchens created a sense of separate zones… their ‘corners’ gave them privacy and room to create, with a huge empty space in the middle for larger metal sculptures.

Gyro set to dismantling the battered grandfather clock with a flurry of tools & movements.

Ha, he laughed, sounding loud in the cavernous building… my dad would have a fit if he could see me taking apart this thing…  


Gyro shrugged, focusing on the job at hand, pondering what he would make from the old clock workings.

In her corner, Effie sat on the bed holding the bracelet in her hands, turning it over and over; she had tried putting it down but every time she did she was swamped with an overwhelming ache…  the person who wore this was an empath, she thought, not really know why that thought entered her head.

Effie was reluctant to put the bracelet on again, after what happened at the collectables shop… even though the desire to do so burned deep within her. So much so she began to feel flushed, beads of perspiration formed on her forehead and she felt her heart palpitate in an odd manner.

This physical and emotion change freaked the young woman out and she flung the bracelet to the end of the bed.


An hour passed in silence except for the sound of Gyro tinkering…  Effie pretended to busy herself with some tidying, but really, she was just moving things from one place to another… her eyes straying to the bracelet still laying innocently on her bed.

With a sudden surge of movement, Effie snatched the bracelet up, placing it over her right hand sliding it up to her forearm. It felt warm on her skin… or am I just flushed again she wondered.

Effie stood staring at the copper & brass encircling her arm, and as she gazed, mesmerized, all sound receded… and the tiny gem eyes of the etched insects began to glow.

The last she heard was Gyro yelling to her, a note of panic in his voice.

ET… Effie gawd… it IS a Magical bracelet… Teleport or what!







Effie was still staring, trance-like, at the bracelet when she realized she was standing in sunshine; she looked around, sick with disorientation. Sunlight spilled dappled & speckled through the branches of trees growing on Mountains that snuggled & nestled into each other.

Welcome to the Planet Orbitus little Earthing… a warm deep voice sounded behind her… it has been many many cycles since one of your kind visited us.

 Effie spun around, her heart beating so fast she thought she would faint. The sheer unexpectedness of what/who she saw left her speechless. The figure before her was in excess of 7 feet tall… he smiled warmly, holding out a hand in what seemed to be a gesture of friendship. The man carried a staff and wore a loose White cloak with many pockets.


Have I died, Effie whispered… and if not, is this the end of all I know?

There is no end, the universe owns us, the giant smiled… I am Tor and you are safe with me little one… I will guide you back; Time warp displacement is relatively easy to reverse.

 Where am I? Effie realized she was surrounded by trees she had never seen before.

Orbitus, a star system many light years from your own; travel between our two worlds is impossible. Unless, of course, one is wearing the Circle of Ki. Which, according to the ancient Scroll of Qui, has been missing for a 1000 years.

 A 1000 years, Effie echoed, and I find it in a junk shop in Parramatta?

 Tor smiled, a chuckle flashing in his eyes. You were meant find it, the Scroll of Qui states that the Circle of Ki will remain hidden until one with open heart & mind finds it. And that would be you.

 Sir… Mr. Tor… how do I get home?

You will return yourself home… taking me with you…  Tor instructed, and then you will give me the Circle of Ki and I will return here… a bit of hero, I might add, for finding the legendary Circle.


It’s that simple? Effie asked

All you need do is be brave enough to hold my hand… and direct your thoughts home. Tor held out his huge hand.

Effie fell into deep thought; gazing around, she found herself moved by the beauty and vastness of Orbitus ‘s landscape. It was so peaceful here… new and exciting. Home was city buildings and freeways, railroad tracks dissecting the land. Sure Gyro might miss her… but after a while she would just be an unsolved enigma and give him a story to retell for years to come.

What if I don’t want to go home? She asked Tor.

Then we will both be heroes, he laughed aloud… and you will be treated as a personage of high esteem.

Well then, Effie’s eyes sparkled at the prospect of exciting adventures… take me to your leader.


Story & Art Sharonlee Goodhand©2-Mar-14